Responsible Investing

Towards a Better Socio-Economic and Sustainable Ecosystem

At Kotak Investment Advisors, we believe in responsible investing. We recognize our commitment to not only our investors, but the larger society we operate in.

Doing the right thing

We believe in investing in a responsible manner. As the Indian economy provides several opportunities for growth, we consciously deploy our capital to maximize both commercial and societal returns. Our investments help build enterprises that create employment at the local level, spur consumption and leave a sustainable and long-term impact on society.

The sectors we invest in provide significant employment opportunities and through these we help create employment opportunities at the local level and leave a positive long-term impact on society.

We are committed to deliver the Paris Agreement’s goals in line with the roadmap drawn and commitments made by Government of India.

Clean energy for a better tomorrow

We are committed to a green world. We believe in deploying our capital to solve today's problems for a better tomorrow. We encourage our portfolio companies to practice environment friendly methods and adhere to strict compliance with environment laws.

Commitment to ESG

To foster sustainable growth and development, it is critical that every responsible corporate citizen adheres to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

We recognize that ESG issues are critical for every business and when we deploy capital and make investments, ESG due diligence is as important as the financial considerations of the deal. We believe that our commitment to ESG standards ultimately helps our business performance and ensures that we do the right thing.

We also encourage our partners and investors to adopt ESG best practices. Creating a robust socio-economic and sustainable ecosystem by observing responsible business behavior is our endeavor.