0.1 overview


The Indian equity markets every year throw up a set of companies that deliver superior absolute returns while beating the benchmark indices by a big margin. There are however few companies that consistently deliver such high returns over the 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year and 15-year time frame.

The India Whizdom Fund (IWF) has a well-defined investment philosophy that seeks to find these companies in the early stages of their evolution. Many of these companies are in the mid-cap space. Inadequate research and analyst coverage of a number of such companies presents an untapped opportunity to leverage a private equity investment approach to identify high potential investments.

Fund Characteristics:

IWF leverages the vast private equity and public market expertise and experience of the fund management team for both pre-investment due diligence and post-investment value add through proactive engagement with management, where necessary.

It is sector agnostic and builds a high conviction concentrated portfolio of companies. The portfolio is built over a period of time after adequate research.

It follows a Buy-and-Hold investment approach keeping in view the risk-reward equation over a 3-5 year investment horizon. The portfolio therefore witnesses negligible churn over its investment horizon.

0.2 Investment Strategy

IWF follows a disciplined and well-defined fundamental investment approach to pick stocks based on the Management-Business-Valuation (MBV) framework.

The fund management team has identified critical quantitative and qualitative parameters to screen each of its targets. The key theme of the Fund is to invest in and patiently hold companies for a long period of time for the compounding effect to play out and for the true value of the investment to be realized.

The Fund has consciously chosen to primarily invest in companies with a market capitalization in the range of INR 10 billion (~USD 150 million) to INR 200 billion (~USD 3 billion), based on its analysis.

Our Team

0.3 our team

Alroy Lobo

CEO – Listed Strategies

Alroy Lobo is a Kotak veteran. He has a total work experience of over 28 years in Indian equity markets...

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Ameya Karambelkar

Associate Vice President

Ameya joined Kotak Listed Strategies in September 2021. Prior to joining Kotak Listed Strategies, Ameya was part of the Research division of IIFL Institutional...

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Bhavesh Jain

Associate Vice President

Bhavesh joined Kotak Alternate Assets Managers in November 2021 as Associate Vice President

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